Royal Game of Ur

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Rules: There are several reconstructions of the original rules, none of which completely match this program. The British Museum version is close, apart from the movement path, which is this for the human player and this for the computer player.

User Interface: click on a piece to move it, or hover over a piece to see any reason why it can't move.
The dice roll each turn is 4 dice which can each be 0 or 1, showing as modern dice or in cuneiform as or for extra fun, adding to a total of up to 4 ().
Difficulty levels are 'easy', meaning the computer plays randomly, or 'hard', meaning it uses a simple artificial intelligence to play a bit sensibly.
Turns are automatically skipped if total dice roll is zero or no move is possible. Enabling the cat helper means that if there's only one legal move for the human then the cat takes it automatically.
Speed settings are for the computer's delays to make things easier/harder to see - there's no time limit on the human.
Human pieces depict the goddess Ishtar, and computer pieces Enkidu. Probably.